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The defibrillator monitor synchronized with forming of a bipolar therapeutic impulse of DFR-02-UOMZ
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The defibrillator monitor synchronized with formation of a bipolar therapeutic impulse of DFR - 02 - UOMZ The defibrillator of DFR - 02 is intended for knocking over of violations of a rhythm of heart by means of an electric impulse, and also for registration and indication on the monitor of...
Group: Defibrillator-monitor
Gemoglobinometr Minigem 540
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Gemoglobinometr Minigem 540 MINIGEM is portable and, at the same time, the high - precision microprocessor device with autocalibration function. At its operation no adjustments and calibrations are necessary, there is no need to use calibration solutions, no maintenance is required. Range of...
Group: Gemoglobinometers
DKI-N-10 defibrillator - Axion
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DKI - N - 10 defibrillator - "Aksion" "Pyatisekundny" the Defibrillator monitor with the certain electrocardiogram canal. - "Rub in one". The device is allocated with a bipolar impulse, the Maximum set of energy – 360 J. Vremya of a set of energy of 200 J - 5 sec. The number of categories of...
Group: Defibrillator
Scales electronic for newborn V1-15-SASchA
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Scales electronic for newborn V1 - 15 - SASchA Scales desktop B1 - 15 - of "SAShA", electronic with autonomous food, are intended for weighing of newborns and babies weighing up to 15 kg in medical institutions of a pediatric profile, in day nursery and kindergartens, and also in house...
Group: Person-weighing machine
Dynamometer medical electronic manual DMER-120-0,5
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Dynamometer medical electronic manual DMER - 120 - 0,5 The dynamometer medical electronic manual "DMER - 120" is intended for measurement of muscular force of a hand of the person and can be applied in clinics, policlinics, hospitals, sanatoria and sports facilities, at professional selection, and...
Group: Power measuring equipment
Wheelchair model 4000A with sanitary equipmen
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Wheelchair model 4000A with sanitary equipment 3 heights of adjustment of a prop for legs, an aluminum framework, a plastic wheel for hands, a forward brake, a parking brake, pneumatic back wheels with an aluminum rim, diameter are 61 cm, width of a seat is 46 cm, new type of sanitary equipment.
Group: Wheelchairs
Incubator of an intensive care for newborns of IDN-02
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Incubator of intensive therapy for newborns of IDN - 02 The incubator of intensive therapy of IDN - 02 UOMZ is intended for nursing and carrying out effective treatment of the premature and weakened children in offices of pathology of newborns, intensive care units, chambers of intensive therapy...
Group: Incubators the newborns
IP-211P inhaler
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IP - 211P inhaler Inhaler of figurative IP - 211P. It is intended for individual treatment and prevention of the top airways and lungs by heated high - disperse and nizkodispers - ny aerosols of liquid medicinal substances: antibiotics, alkalis, mineral waters, oils etc. It is applied in...
Group: Inhalers
The NIKO inhalation installation – 4-seater compressor inhalation
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The NIKO inhalation installation - 4 - seater compressor inhalation It is intended for nebulayzerny therapy and can to be used for treatment of diseases in the field of pulmonology and otorhinolaryngology by methods of an aerozolterapiya, phytotherapy, an aromatherapy, etc. • can find application...
Group: Apparatuses for inhalation anesthesia
Cylinder of oxygen 2 l (oxygen inhaler)
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Cylinder of oxygen 2 l (oxygen inhaler) In a cylinder with a capacity of 2 l. 300 l of oxygen are located with a normal pressure. The cylinder is completed with the plastic case, a reducer reducing pressure to 1 atm. , the stream regulator with a measuring flask, a humidifier, a cannula with a...
Group: Medical oxygen cylinders
Bactericidal wall lamp of OBN 150 with the screen (single-tube)
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Bactericidal wall irradiator of OBN 150 with the screen (single - tube) Bactericidal irradiators are issued at EMA plant since 1957. During this time they were modernized more than once, at the same time their price and quality reached an ideal combination. Now 4 types of bactericidal irradiators...
Group: Bactericidal reflectors
Services of medical institutions Equipping
Group: Services of medical institutions Equipping


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