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AKVARELAKS Contactless hydromassage bathtub
  • AKVARELAKS Contactless hydromassage bathtub
  • AKVARELAKS Contactless hydromassage bathtub
  • AKVARELAKS Contactless hydromassage bathtub
  • AKVARELAKS Contactless hydromassage bathtub
  • AKVARELAKS Contactless hydromassage bathtub

AKVARELAKS Contactless hydromassage bathtub

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AKVARELAKS Contactless hydromassage bathtub

The contactless hydromassage bathtub allows to carry out a body hydromassage without its immersion on water Wednesday. At the same time all medical effects of a hydromassage remain, but the number of contraindications and risk of infectious diseases sharply decreases. A bathtub surface - the thin, but strong elastic membrane made of exclusive material of production of the known German company.
The updated modern design of a bathtub of "AKVARELAKS" will become ornament for any room.

First of all, it is very pleasant - water masses a body from all directions, creating feeling of comfort, relaxation. It is felt how water masses each section, restoring blood circulation and removing stress from muscles.
After carrying out procedures patients feel inflow of forces, cheerfulness, improvement of mood.
The bathtub for extension of a backbone of "AKVARELAKS" is successfully used in sanatorium establishments where it is applied as independently, in improving programs and programs for weight loss, and in combination with various wrappings that very conveniently and increases efficiency of procedures.
In treatment - and - prophylactic establishments the contactless bathtub is used in comprehensive programs of rehabilitation, for removal of pain syndromes, for treatment of psychoneurological frustration, diseases of the musculoskeletal device, at violations of blood circulation, restoration of work of internals and others.
In sports medicine of "AKVARELAKS" it is used at rehabilitation after injuries, removal of "overtraining" of athletes, restoration after intensive sports loadings, etc.
In cosmetology and Day spa - in programs of weight loss, anti - cellulite, programs of a relaxation, others, and also in combination with wrappings.
Medical effects:
- removal of painful syndromes -
- stimulation of hypodermic blood circulation -
- restoration of venous and lymphatic outflow thanks to what slags and toxins are removed from an organism -
- saturation of fabrics oxygen -
- treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal device -
- normalization of work of internals thanks to what there is a treatment warm and vascular, cardiological, gastrointestinal and others - diseases in complex therapy -
- treatment of sleeplessness, climacteric neurosises, depressions -
- activization of exchange processes, increase of an expense of calories that promotes weight loss -
- anti - cellulite effect.
- a relaxation, removal of muscular spasms, tension -
- removal of a condition of "overtraining" at athletes -
- improvement of mood -
- increase of the general tone of an organism.
The choice of the program of massage and water temperature allows to choose the individual most comfortable mode for each patient.

"AKVARELAKS" is successfully combined with various the SPA procedures:
- cosmetic wrappings -
- mud cure -
- thalassotherapy -
The Beskontakty hydromassage considerably increases efficiency of these procedures!
Besides, simultaneous carrying out procedures of massage and a wrapping is carried out much quicker than if they took place consistently.
The elastic bed of a bathtub has automatic heating that allows to exclude use of an inconvenient thermoblanket and to cover the patient only with a polyethylene sheet and a woolen blanket.
The surface is conditionally divided into 6 working zones, water is pumped under pressure through 24 nozzles which are located so that most effectively to influence all necessary areas.
Powerful nozzles of a bathtub of "Akvarelaks" have no analogs in the Russian market.
The programmed work of nozzles and possibility of control of the manual mode define variety of massage procedures. In the manual mode carrying out a hydromassage in any chosen zone is possible.
Unlike import analogs, the hydromassage bathtub of "Akvarelaks" has the built - in cooling system and does not overheat at continuous carrying out procedures.
Directly during a session at any time it is possible to change the following types and parameters of massage:
- Massage of all body -
- Massage of a lower body (area of buttocks and legs) -
- Massage of an upper body (area of a back, shoulders and a belt) -
- Zone section massage in a radius of 15 cm from the chosen zone -
Massage modes:
- A relaxation -
- Intensity -
- Power -
- A pulsation -
- Manual.

Contactless hydromassage systems are used for treatment of the following main types of diseases:
- Backbone diseases: radiculitises (cervical, chest and lumbar), osteochondrosis, spondilez, scoliosis, kifoz, kifoskolioz and other static changes in a backbone -
- Protrusions and hernias of intervertebral disks -
- Miofastsialny syndrome, miozit -
- Lyumbago, ishialgiya, lyumboishialgiya -
- Intercostal neuralgia -
- Fibromialgiya -
- Vegetative dystonia -
- Primary osteoporosis -
- Chronic rheumatoid arthritis -
- Muscular exhaustion (syndrome of chronic fatigue), etc.

Technical characteristics:
Tension of a power line with a frequency of 50 Hz, In 220±10%
Maximum power consumption, kW 3.0
Overall dimensions of the device (d. sh. v), mm 2325х985х665
Quantity of zones of massage 6
Volume of water, l 175
The mass of the device, (without water) kg 190
The patient's weight on Vann, kg, no more than 140

Information is up-to-date: 23.01.2022

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