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Bactericidal lamp OBB Household
  • Bactericidal lamp OBB Household
  • Bactericidal lamp OBB Household

Bactericidal lamp OBB Household

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Bactericidal irradiators are issued at EMA plant since 1957. During this time they were modernized more than once, at the same time their price and quality reached an ideal combination.
Now 4 types of bactericidal irradiators are issued:
1. wall OBB 1h15 (with the screen) -
2. wall OBN-150-
3. ceiling OBP-300 (it is completed with a set of details for a suspension to a ceiling, fastening on a wall is possible) -
4. mobile on support OBPE-450 (it is intended for fast disinfection of large volumes of air and surfaces).
Existence of the screen in irradiators of OBB 1h15 and OBN-150 (closed) allows to use them in the presence of people.
Source of radiation of irradiators are the bactericidal mercury lamps of low pressure radiating ultraviolet rays with the wavelength of 253,7 nanometers pernicious for various bacteria, viruses and microorganisms which are airborne and on surfaces of rooms.
Ultra-violet bactericidal irradiators are intended for disinfection of air of hospitals, clinics, treatment-and-prophylactic, production and public institutions (hotels, shops, gyms, baths, child care facilities, schools), storages of agricultural products, and also for use in the food industry.
In these devices the import completing elements are applied and filters of a radio noise and the compensation condenser reducing power consumption are installed.
Bactericidal irradiators have the facilitated design and the improved design, details of devices are covered with the polyester powder paint resistant to UF-radiation.
Information is up-to-date: 26.07.2021

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