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Centrifuge OPN-3M.
  • Centrifuge OPN-3M.
  • Centrifuge OPN-3M.

Centrifuge OPN-3M.

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The centrifuge laboratory medical OPNZ is the centrifuge of periodic action, usual figurative with a frequency of rotation of the probirkoderzhatel to 2700 revolutions per minute intended for division of non-uniform liquid systems with a density up to 2 g/cm3 in the field of centrifugal forces.
The centrifuge is intended for application in practice of laboratory clinical diagnostics. Non-volatile memory for storing of parameters of the last running cycle. The safety lock excluding a possibility of opening of a cover at the rotating rotor in case of an emergency shutdown of a network of food.
Function of work, additional to the main mode, in the mode of the 4-speed centrifuge for the consumers who got used to work with outdated models of centrifuges with the fixed set of speeds.
Technical characteristics:
Maximum frequency of rotation of a probirkoderzhatel (rotor) of 2700 min-1
The centrifuge provides a task of frequency of rotation of a probirkoderzhatel from 0 to 2700 turns/minute
- in the main mode - with discretization of 100 turns/min.
- in the additional mode of 4 fiskirovanny speeds 1000, 1500, 2000, 2700 rpm
Maximum size of a factor of division 1670
The maximum volume of a tsentrifugat is 150 ml
The number of the test tubes installed in a probirkoderzhatel of 10 pieces
The applied test tubes:
- conic - P-1 - 1 OXC GOST 1770-74
- cylindrical - P1-16-150HS-P2-16-150HS of GOST 25336-82
The centrifuge provides:
- a centrifugation time task in the rage from discretization 1min.ot 0 till 99 minutes
- an operating mode without restriction of time
- smooth dispersal of a rotor
- time of establishment of an operating mode and time of braking by the control point adjustment no more than 3 minutes
- mode of active (dynamic) braking
- braking time in the active mode no more than 1,5 minutes
- additional 4-speed operating mode
with slow braking
- maximum time of continuous operation of the centrifuge not less than 120 minutes
with the subsequent break not less than 60 minutes
- air cooling of a rotor
The transparent cover provides a possibility of visual
supervision of a rotor
Power supply of the centrifuge from the Hz alternating current main 220B, 50
The power consumed by the centrifuge from a network no more than 200 VA
Overall dimensions of the centrifuge
(length x width x height) 445 x 430 x 235 mm
The mass of the centrifuge with a set of spare parts no more than 12 kg
Information is up-to-date: 12.04.2021

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