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Multifunction physiotherapeutic device Radius-01 FT
  • Multifunction physiotherapeutic device Radius-01 FT
  • Multifunction physiotherapeutic device Radius-01 FT

Multifunction physiotherapeutic device Radius-01 FT

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The portable single-channel physiotherapeutic device "FT Radius-01" is intended for treatment of various diseases of an electrotherapy method by currents of low frequency and favourably combines functions for:
galvanization and a medicinal electrophoresis -
diadinamoterapiya (ON, DN, OR, KP, DP, OV, DV) -
amplipulsterapiya (CMT1-CMT5) -
electrodiagnostics (KED) -
flyuktuorization (traffic police, DPN, OP) -
electrostimulations (ESM).
The physiotherapeutic device can successfully be used in treatment-and-prophylactic and sanatorium establishments, in sports medicine, in private medical practice, in a stomatologic office or beauty shop, and also for treatment of heavy patients at home.
- the diseases of nervous system proceeding with a painful syndrome -
- neurologic displays of osteochondrosis of a backbone -
- the cuts and paralyzes demanding electrostimulation of muscles -
- diseases of joints -
- the diseases demanding electrostimulation of internal bodies -
- diseases of a stomach and a duodenal gut -
- diseases of zhelchevyvodyashchy ways -
- intestines diseases -
- diseases of lungs -
- diseases of kidneys -
- diseases of vessels -
- phantom pains.
In sports medicine:
- bruises, stretchings, miozita, a myalgia -
- stressful states and neurotic reactions, overfatigue -
- electrostimulation of muscles, etc.
In cosmetology:
- excessive weight -
- cellulitises -
- aging of skin.
Operational opportunities:
• 17 types of medical influences in the modes of the variable and straightened currents positive and negative polyarnostey-
• a possibility of the choice of the bearing frequency of (2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10) kHz -
• the choice of the modulating frequency of 1-150 Hz through one or discrete
• automatic shutdown upon termination of procedures with smooth decrease in current and giving of a sound signal -
• all information is displayed on digital ZhKI with illumination -
• upon termination of procedure the current regulator always automatically passes into a zero state -
• automatic protection in the patient's chain on current - to 80 ma.
power consumption ________________ 25 W
continuous operating time _____________ 8 hours
overall dimensions ___________________ 260х180х82 mm
mass of the device _______________________ 2 kg
electrical safety (protection class) _____ II
warranty period of operation _________ 12 months
the patient's current _________________________ to 80ma
Information is up-to-date: 12.04.2021

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