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Obluchatel-retsirkulyator bactericidal mobile RBPE 6H15
  • Obluchatel-retsirkulyator bactericidal mobile RBPE 6H15
  • Obluchatel-retsirkulyator bactericidal mobile RBPE 6H15

Obluchatel-retsirkulyator bactericidal mobile RBPE 6H15

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Retsirkulyatora bactericidal are intended for disinfection of air of premises of hospitals, clinics, treatment-and-prophylactic, production and public institutions (hotels, shops, gyms, baths, child care facilities, schools), storages of agricultural products, and also for use in the food industry in the presence of people.
Retsirkulyatora are an effective remedy of prevention and fight the against infections which are transmitted in the air way (flu, quinsy, etc.).
In retsirkulyator the bactericidal stream from lamps is distributed in the limited small closed space and has no exit outside, at the same time disinfecting of air is carried out in the course of its pumping through air vents of a retsirkulyator.
Source of radiation of retsirkulyator are bactericidal mercury lamps of low pressure like DB-15 or the TUV15 type the radiating ultraviolet rays with the wavelength of 253,7 nanometers, pernicious for various bacteria, viruses and a mikroorg of nizm, the airborne rooms.
Retsirkulyator of RB 2h15 fastens on a wall of the room and is applied to disinfecting of air of rooms up to 50 m3 at presence and absence of people.
The irradiator a retsirkulyator bactericidal wall has modern design, does not create noise during the work, can be used as the illuminant. The existence of the built-in electronic block tracing total time of an operating time of lamps allows to warn the user about expenses of resources.
Retsirkulyator of RBPE 6х15 mobile, is applied to rooms up to 100 m3 at presence and absence of people. Details of retsirkulyator are covered with polyester powder paint.
In a design of retsirkulyator the import completing elements are applied and filters of a radio noise are installed.
Technical characteristics of bactericidal retsirkulyator
- Harakteristikarb 2×-15РБПе 6×-15
- Quantity lamp26
- Way of razmeshcheniyanastennyyperedvizhny
- The type is zakrytyyzakryty
- Total bactericidal stream of lamps, Vt9,428,6
- Productivity on an air stream, m3/chas60180
- Productivity, m3/hour
at 99% obezzarazhivanii30100
at 95% obezzarazhivanii50140
- Power consumption of, no more, BA90270
- A network pitaniya220 B 50 Gts220 In 50 Hz
- Average service life, let55
- Overall dimensions, мм135x200x620580×-840
- Weight, no more, kg622
- Class of protection against defeat electric tokom1 H1 type type N
- Radiation source
Type lampytuv15tuv15
- Power, Vt1515
- Service life, chas80008000
- Bactericidal stream, Vt4,711,2
Type of irradiator:Closed (recirculator)
Information is up-to-date: 22.11.2021

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