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Oxygen pillow of 25 l, 40 l
  • Oxygen pillow of 25 l, 40 l
  • Oxygen pillow of 25 l, 40 l

Oxygen pillow of 25 l, 40 l

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Oxygen pillow of 25 l, 40 l
OXYGEN PILLOW – the device intended for oxygen inhalation. The oxygen pillow consists of the rubberized bag with a capacity of 25, 40 l of oxygen, a rubber tube with a clip and a mouthpiece. The pillow is filled from an oxygen cylinder (in drugstores, medical institutions). Before allowing the patient to breathe oxygen, put on a pillowcase a pillow or wrap it in a pure sheet - process a mouthpiece the tampon moistened in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Then the mouthpiece is covered with the gauze moistened in water, pressed to a mouth of the patient and a clip regulate oxygen supply. Inhalation of oxygen is carried out within 5 – 10 min. with breaks. Application of an oxygen pillow is carried out exclusively on doctor's orders.
Oxygen pillow – the device necessary for care of patients, for preparation and carrying out procedures. It is used for inhalation by the patient of oxygen - air mix and elimination of oxygen insufficiency of an organism.
It is intended for delivery and leading of oxygen to the patient both in the conditions of a hospital, and in the conditions of exit ambulance.
The instruction for application for the consumer
1. Only the trained personnel in the following sequence have to make filling of pillows:
- to establish a pillow clip in situation "is opened" -
- to arrange a pillow before a cylinder reducer so that there were no clips on a tube -
- to put on a funnel bell a tube -
- to fill a pillow with oxygen until a raspravleniye of large folds at its end faces -
- to establish a pillow clip in situation "is closed".
2. Before oxygen supply to the patient to process a mask
the tampon moistened in 3% hydrogen peroxide solution
to connect a mask to a pillow tube.
3. When filling pillows oxygen does not allow hit of oil on a surface of a cylinder and the pillow adjoining to oxygen.
4. The site of rooms intended for filling of pillows by oxygen has to be isolated from sleeping rooms.
Operational document (operation manual)
1. Before carrying out inhalations by oxygen to put on the mouthpiece processed the free end of a rubber tube of an oxygen pillow and prokipyachenny at t 1000C which has to be stored in the dry sterilized ware with densely closed cover.
2. To cover a mouthpiece with a damp gauze for prevention of dryness in a mouth and oxygen moistening. The mouthpiece should not be put to a mouth densely. It is necessary to keep it at arm's length 4 – 5 cm from a mouth of the patient and to gradually weaken a clip on a rubber tube. Oxygen owing to an elevated pressure comes out a pillow and at a breath gets into airways.
3. Speed of intake of oxygen needs to be regulated a clip on a tube or pressing on a pillow from its corner until oxygen is emitted completely.
4. To make opening of a clip at a breath and to close at an exhalation that oxygen did not come to air. To inhale oxygen to give to the patient within 5 – 7 min. with a break of 5 - 10 min.
5. If necessary to replace an oxygen pillow spare in 4 – 7 min. or again to fill with oxygen.
Special instructions: After use to fill a pillow with a small amount of air for pasting avoidance. To store in the dark place at a temperature from 1 to 25 of 0C and relative humidity of air 65 - 80% in the straightened state at distance not less than 1 m from the heatradiated devices. To protect from influence of direct sunshine. Not to store in one room with the fuel and lubricants substances, acids, alkalis and other substances destroying rubber.

Information is up-to-date: 23.01.2022

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