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Pulse Oximeter Ûtasoksi-200
  • Pulse Oximeter Ûtasoksi-200
  • Pulse Oximeter Ûtasoksi-200

Pulse Oximeter Ûtasoksi-200

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YuTASOKSI provides continuous monitoring of a condition of patients in operating rooms and delivery rooms, in intensive care units, at transportation, and also in ambulance cars.
New generation of portable pulsoksimetr with modern algorithm of work at weak pulsations and an original technique of work with artifacts.
YuTASOKSI-200 - modern, portable pulsoksimetr, intended for noninvasive definition of extent of saturation by oxygen of arterial blood and pulse rate. It combines compactness, functionality and conform to the highest requirements in a pulsoksimetriya.
For all age groups, including newborns.
• Noninvasive monitoring of SpO2 and frequency of pulse -
• digital indication of the current SpO2 values and the frequency of pulse -
• indication of an index of perfusion and an index of quality of a signal -
• modern algorithm of work at strong artifacts -
• the bright digital display -
• the convenient menu -
• installation of the top and lower limits of operation of the disturbing alarm system -
• sound and visual alarm systems at:
- an exit of SpO2 values and pulse rates from the set limits -
- a low index of perfusion and/or a low index of quality of a signal -
- lack of pulse and/or a spazmirovaniya of vessels -
- absence or misuse of the sensor -
- malfunctions in the sensor -
- the critical category of the accumulator battery -
• adjustable level of a soundtrack of pulse and the disturbing alarm system -
• the built-in accumulator -
• portability.
Limits of measurements:
Accuracy of measurements:
± 2% (70-100%)
± 3% (40-70%)
Pulse rate:
Limits of measurements:
20 - 280 beats/min
Accuracy of measurements:
± 2 beats/min
Perfusion index:
Limits of measurements:
from the alternating current main of 220 V, the built-in accumulator (till 5 o'clock continuous work) or onboard network of the car
148х68х190 mm
1,2 kg
Information is up-to-date: 11.01.2021
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