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Scales medical electronic VMEN-200-100-D
  • Scales medical electronic VMEN-200-100-D
  • Scales medical electronic VMEN-200-100-D

Scales medical electronic VMEN-200-100-D

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Scales medical electronic with power supply from the alternating current main and the portable control panel.
Scales are intended for weighing of people in medical, sports, cultural and improving institutions and in life, can be also used for weighing of various freights.
— are simple in operation -
— have no analogs in Russia -
— high metrological characteristics unlike many foreign analogs.
Scales allow:
— to weigh people or freight to 200 kg,
— to make selection of mass of a container,
— to transfer data to the personal computer (scales with an index "I").
Scales have:
— devices of automatic installation of zero, the alarm system about an overload and protection against an overload,
— the portable control panel from a board of indication of weight on flexible communication - allows to place it in the place, convenient for a review (to put on a table or to fix on a wall).
— Modifications of scales differ in the price of testing division, NMPV, existence of the interface RS 232 socket for contact with external devices (the personal computer, the printer.) and design registration.
Technical harakteristiki:naibolshy limit of weighing (NPV), kg 200
Price of testing division (e) and discretization of indication (dd), about 50/100, 100, 200 g
The smallest limit of weighing (NMPV), kg 1, 2, 4
Accuracy class in accordance with GOST 29329 average (III)
Range of selection of mass of a container, kg 0 to 20
Overall dimensions of a cargo reception platform of scales no more, mm 300х300х65
Mass of scales no more, kg 4
Range of working temperatures
from (+10) to (+40) °C
Average service life, about 8 years
Information is up-to-date: 11.01.2021
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