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Set of stomatologic metal tools
  • Set of stomatologic metal tools

Set of stomatologic metal tools

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Set of stomatologic metal tools
The tools which are included in the package are necessary for survey of an oral cavity, diagnosis of stomatologic diseases and treatment of patients. The mirror allows to examine badly available sites and to send a beam of light to the necessary site, and a probe check all deepenings, the pigmented sites. It is easy to determine by a probe the dentine density, cavity depth, the message of a carious cavity with a cavity of tooth, the mouth of channels and a pulp in them. The tweezers are necessary for capture and keeping of various small expendable material. Gladilki of different types and the sizes uses for entering of sealing material into a cavity, grindings and removals of surplus of material. Shtopfer is used for condensation and a modeling of a surface of a seal. Excavators are used in stomatology to manual mechanical removal of the softened dentine, temporary sealing material, different types of tooth deposits, and also to a curettage.
10 tools are included in the package of stomatologic tools: a mirror, a probe curved, tweezers curved, shtopfer - gladilka, excavators, gladilka crescent and spherical, the pallet for cement mixing. Tools are manufactured of stainless medical steel and are delivered in boxing for storage. An expiration date - 5 years.
"Are made of stainless medical steel.
For repeated application. "
1 The Mirror stomatologic - 1 piece.
2 The Handle for a mirror stomatologic - 1 piece.
3 The Probe tooth bent - 1 piece.
4 Tweezers tooth bent with a notch - 1 piece.
5shtopfer - gladilka No. 1 and No. 2 - 1 piece.
6 The Excavator No. 1 and No. 2 - 1 piece.
7 The Pallet for cement - 1 piece.
8gladilka crescent - 1 piece.
9gladilka spherical - 1 piece.
10 Boxing for storage medical instrumentov1

Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 12.04.2021

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