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YuKARD-100 electrocardiograph
  • YuKARD-100 electrocardiograph
  • YuKARD-100 electrocardiograph

YuKARD-100 electrocardiograph

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YuKARD-100 - new generation of portable multichannel electrocardiographs.
YuKARD-100 combines compactness and expanded functionality: simultaneous registration of 12 standard assignments, color LCD display, thermal printer, analysis and interpretation electrocardiogram, memory, built-in accumulator, telemetric system of transfer of an electrocardiogram.
The YuKARD-100 electrocardiograph - new generation of portable microprocessor multichannel electrocardiographs. Thanks to modern technologies of digital processing of signals and original technical solutions the unique 3-6-12 channel electrocardiograph combining compactness and expanded functionality is created. Simultaneous registration of 12 standard electrocardiograms of assignments, and also assignments according to Nab and Slopak with the subsequent to 3 and 6 or 12 a channel conclusion to the built-in thermal printer, the color LCD display, the analysis and interpretation an electrocardiogram, memory, the built-in accumulator, the built-in system of transfer of an electrocardiogram by means of usual phone lines or mobile communication, the original software of UNET to reception, processing and the analysis of an electrocardiogram allow to apply with success YuKARD-100 as in system of family medicine and an emergency medical service, and in the specialized diagnostic and cardiological centers.
The standard YuKARD-100 electrocardiograph is the basic functional element of the cardiological telemetric UNET complex. The YuKARD-100 electrocardiograph is equipped with all necessary built-in modules for transfer of an electrocardiogram and work in system of the cardiological telemetric UNET complex (watch "An operating procedure with YuKARD-100") and does not demand any external devices for communication (there is no need to buy in addition the mobile phone or a radio telephone). YuKARD-100 can transfer an electrocardiogram on the protected digital channels of communication (GSM), including network access (GPRS, CDMA), and also by wire phone lines (Dial-Up). It is possible to transfer to the diagnostic center as soon as the registered electrocardiogram, and any electrocardiogram which is kept in non-volatile memory of the electrocardiograph, irrespective of time of its registration.
- Registration of 12 standard electrocardiograms assignments, and also assignments according to Nab and Slopaku-
- copying function -
- simultaneous registration of 12 assignments -
- the analysis and interpretation of an electrocardiogram -
- the color high-contrast LCD display (320х240 points) -
- a high-speed thermal printer with the high allowing ability -
- the built-in telemetric system of transfer of data -
- the convenient menu for management of work elektrokardiografa-
- a full set of accessories of an electrocardiogram -
- digital filters of 50 Hz and muscular trembling -
- automatic compensation of drift izolinii-
- protection against defibrillator impulses -
- existence of the mode of continuous monitoring of frequency of warm reductions -
- storage in memory of fragments of an electrocardiogram on all 12 assignments with a possibility of their subsequent viewing and the press
- the special software for the expanded analysis and interpretation of an electrocardiogram, documenting and formation of bases of data -
- input of information about the patient in the electrocardiogram file -
- convenient transport bag.
Entrance resistance> 10 megohms
Suppression of inphase hindrances> 100 dB
Range of measurements of ChSS 20 - 280 1/mines
Range of entrance tension is from 0.03 to 5 mV
Frequency of sampling is 1000 Hz
Range of frequencies is 0,05-150 Hz
Time constant not less than 3.2 with
Speed of development 5, 10, 25, 50 mm / with
Power supply from the alternating current main of 220 V, built-in accumulator (4 hour of work) or onboard network of the car
Power consumption < 15 ВА
Protection IEC60601-1, class II, CF type
Exit of USB, Dial-Up modem, GSM modem
Dimensions 250 x 150 x 65
Weight is 1,3 kg (without accumulator)
Information is up-to-date: 11.01.2021
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